Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brand Spanking New

Wow, a new blog. Just sitting here...all white and shiny and new. Must fill it up with something. Let's see....

Okay, here's me:

As you can see, I'm not terribly photogenic. Don't like my picture taken, so you won't see many pics of me here.

Next, the fam:

Not the greatest of pictures. I think I resized it one too many times. It looks all pixelated and fuzzy, and my middle daughter looks like a squinty-eyed pirate. Will get another one later.

I'm having a heckuva time adding pictures here. Every time I try to add one, it puts it at the top of my page, no matter where I am in the post. Okay, moving on.

I am a forty-something wife and mother to four. We live in a big two-story house with way too many treacherous stairs and brown recluse spiders. Our house is filled with books, Breyer horses, Legos, and artwork of every kind. We homeschool our kids.

Things I like:






Things I don't like:


jarring noises

big, slobbery dogs

clowns (that should really be put in a phobia category)

I have an Etsy shop:

I try to garden, but the weeds have such a foothold here. I am afraid they are winning.

I like thrift stores and metal detecting. Books call my name and I usually have my nose in one. And I think it's pretty cool that you can rent movies for free at the library.

Every year or so, I also usually fall and break a bone or something. No, I don't have a medical condition, just terribly uncoordinated.

More to follow. I know you're all hanging on the edge of your seat.


  1. Yo BeadStyln' welcome to bloggerville.

  2. Stylin, you look like you are 20 something. So nice to see the fam!

  3. Isn't Jen sweet? Love your new blog, especially the pic of your family - adorable :) Looking forward to reading more!

  4. She's an absolute DOLL. I am SO Paypal-ing her some money right now!

  5. Jeannie, nice to see you and your beautiful family! You must keep very busy. Good luck with your new blog!

  6. YAA!!! I'll be reading THIS ONE ALL THE TIME!! Glad to see a photo of you! SMILE WILL YA! :)

  7. Jeannie~
    Great new blog introduction! I love being able to see a picture of fellow team members. Looking forward to more posts! Happy day!

  8. LOL my daughter shares your aversion to clowns. I struggle with pic positioning in blogger too. I think it's best to load a pic and then decide where to put it.

  9. Great to meet you! Putting pictures into blogger is not the most fun thing to's a few tips I put on my blog if you're interested...

    it's in have to look at question 2...

  10. You look SO serious, lovely toad girl. *Way* more serious than than you actually are. Guess that's the you that dislikes having your photo taken, eh?

    Your children are positively adorable. Is your hubby a goofball who makes you laugh?


  11. So good to see a pic of you :) You look like you're about 25 or so! Surely not over 40! You have a beautiful family Jeannie. :) I need to start posting on my blog again lol.

  12. Oh, honey, I have something for you. See here:

  13. Ooooh....I'll get you for that, Tina!! *shudders*

  14. Heheh!! Me loves the Toad Girl. :c)