Friday, January 15, 2010

Etta has arrived in Kansas! We were so excited to be a part of the infamous Meerkat World Tour. We were surprised at what a tiny, petite thing she is!

Etta has lovely manners, a charming British accent, and lots of stories about the U.K, where she is from.

Alyssa and Danielle welcome in the weary traveller!

Brenna and Collin listen while Etta explains that not all meerkats live in Africa.

As Cocoa gets to know her, Etta is thankful that she is stuffed with fluff and not catnip.

Hoping to not be mistaken for a rat, Etta peers warily over the couch at Serena.

Etta is more than happy to explain the different types of tea to us.

Since we are from Kansas, Etta was most interested in learning about tornadoes and "tornado alley". A quick homeschooling lesson ensued.

Etta understands the updraft/downdraft thing but isn't too sure about that cow.

Later, while we weren't watching, it appears that Etta may have hooked up with Teddy. You know these young kids: you have to supervise them constantly!

This looks suspiciously like a date to me. Etta honey, you know these long-distance things never work out. And you KNOW how your mother feels about inter-species relationships.

Later, I took Etta down to my jewelry shop, where her best to help me make jewelry.

Etta learned that observing is best before you jump in.

Later, after we got her detangled, Etta filled us in on all kinds of English lingo. Nappies are diapers, a lorry is a truck, and people in the U.K really do say "rubbish".

Etta is on her way to Texas next, but not before leaving with a Kansas trinket: a bead shaped like a toad. What else would you expect from someone who makes jewelry and has nine toads?

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Beadstylin - out!